Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Big Bad BFN

Per yesterday morning:

Womb status: Vacant
Thought status: "Fucking A, Man."

You know, by this point, a BFN shouldn't shock me. It shouldn't send me into a sobbing fit, shouldn't make it hard to smile, shouldn't make me feel defeated, even if temporarily. It shouldn't steal my sunshine. Oh, but it did. Again. It stole my sunshine and made a quick getaway, laughing and pointing at me. Big Bad BFN threw my sunshine out the window and then made a U-turn, scattering dust, just to come and run over it. With a Mack truck.

Again. Damn it.

I'm not looking forward to calling the doctor today. I will soon though. It's not like I'm waiting on a visit from Aunt Flo. That saucy bitch hasn't so much as called without excessive force since I ditched the pill.

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Anonymous said...

I've been trying to comment on your blog for a few days now, but it never lets me! I'm going to try posting anonymously to see if that works. I'm crossing my fingers!

When I read this post the other day I laughed and cried with you. You have such a good way at bringing out the hilarious in the horrible!

Thank you so much for the supportive comment on my blog! Your last comment was exactly right- "we persevere because we have no choice but to."

Amy @ A Somewhat Ordinary Life