Tuesday, August 11, 2009



I've not felt very well for about a week or so and haven't thought a whole lot about it. I've been working really hard at balancing housework with all the crafty projects that I need to work on. Sleep has been somewhat of an afterthought lately, although I've been doing better at getting into bed before 2am. Except tonight. No, tonight I can't seem to make my brain slow down long enough for sleep.

Mr. Mandolyn jokingly asked if I was pregnant after I mentioned feeling yucky this afternoon. We both giggled. No ovulation means no baby. Duh. Still, once that notion gets in your head, only a trip to the grocery store can get rid of it. The two week wait was over two weeks ago. I've been there, done that when it comes to crushing myself with negative pee sticks, and wasn't eager to revisit. So, at 99.9% sure that I was going to see a negative result (and just ready to clear that idea from my head and move on) I was all jittery in the bathroom. Still, pee on a stick I did.

And I'll be damned if a BFP didn't just announce itself within one full second. Tears sprung to my eyes. Then a brief second of elation. Then the oh-too-familiar freak out settled deep in my stomach. What an idiot I am for not checking. I should have thought about the last time, how nothing seemed to make sense, and yet, it did. I should have, I should have... maybe not had those several beers the past few weeks after the "no evidence of ovulation" call, maybe held off on some of the caffeine, maybe not have taken the migraine medicine last night. Hell, I stopped taking the prenatals after that. They make me nauseous and thought that I'd just pick it up with the next cycle.

So much to think (worry?) about before I can exhale. Hormone levels? Progesterone suppositories? Is everything okay? Seriously, how late DO I force-ovulate, anyway?

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled. I just can't wait to get into see my Dr. tomorrow for reassurance. It's not like we haven't been down a similar road before, but that whole "no evidence of ovulation" really had me buying it. And I thought I couldn't be surprised...


M said...

WOW. Congratulations. :) You always hear those stories of infertiles getting pregnant on their own & it seems like this unreachable goal--- but here you are!!!! Amazing!! Happy & Healthy 9 months.

Ivy said...

WOO HOO!!!!!

Ann said...

This is absolutely wonderful news! Talk about a pleasant surprise. Here's hoping that all goes well from this point forward.

mandolyn said...

Giving credit where credit is due. This is definitely a Clomid baby!

So far, levels look good and the nausea is kicking it up a notch. All good things, as far as I'm currently concerned. :)

Flmgodog said...

oh my goodness you are back and with great news. How are you doing and how are the levels?