Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Sigh of Relief


Levels are all looking good. I went in early this week for the 8 week appointment. It was so strange not to have been in the office already every two days. I'd been anticipating this appointment since that BFP and blood work and was shaky-nervous going into that sonogram room.

I had a (mostly internal, thank goodness) freak-out when my doc couldn't find the baby with the internal sonogram. He couldn't get a decent look at my uterus in general. Apparently, because it is freakishly high this time, it wouldn't work. We switched to the abdominal sonogram and (whew!) finally made out an adorable little blob with a beating heart. I'm sure other things were said after Dr. Awesome played the heartbeat for me, but I heard nothing else. I'm sure my sigh was audible several counties over. That's what I needed. A heartbeat.

I go back in two weeks for another scan to get a size measurement. The picture wasn't clear enough to do the estimate, although Dr. Awesome thinks that the baby is measuring about a week and a half behind. I'm not terribly concerned about that part, though, since The Bean was the exact same way, and it was never an issue with her.

So apparently, even when Clomid-coaxed, my ovaries take their sweet time with the ovulation thing. My doctor thinks that when I had my blood drawn before to test for it, I hadn't actually ovulated yet. That actually doesn't work out in my head, but for now, I'm taking the good happy news and running. I'll wrap my head around the details later.

For now, my days are generally filled with food aversions and nausea. But I can't really complain. Regular pregnancy symptoms indicate, well...pregnancy, and I'm not about to take the joy out of that. Nope, not a bit. I will, however, go have a ginger ale.

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