Wednesday, March 07, 2007

(A Tiny Bit Of) Superficial Whining (By Me)

Yesterday afternoon we learned two things about my sweet little womb occupant:

1. She's definitely a girl.
2. She's definitely stubborn.

We were supposed to have the new 4-D scan done but she wouldn't move her arms and hands from directly in front of her face. She did wave her fingers a little and gave us a good clear gender pose with the regular sonogram, but wouldn't let us see her face for anything. I was honestly a little disappointed at first and then felt guilty about it while Mr. Mandolyn and I walked out. He laughed and said that he'd wanted to see the cool scan, but that he is very happy that things are still going well. She's not facing the right way, but that isn't cause for concern right now. Everything else was fine. Fine. I realized that I should take that fact and all that it means and be overjoyed. And I truly am.

But it would have been cool to see her chubby cheeks.


Bobby and Ivy said...

HA! Luke did the same thing to us. He put his arm in front of his face and refused to move it! Luckily, we had a great sonographer. When she couldn't ge tus a pic of his face, she got us the cutest little picture of his tiny little feet!

The Town Criers said...

Yay! Congratulations on your little girl :-)

Will you have another 4D sonogram later on?

Michelle said...

YAY!!!! A little girl. How I love having a little girl!

Are you excited????

mandolyn said...

We'll try another 4D scan in a month and see if she'll cooperate. Maybe I'll ask for some feet pics if not!

Very excited, although I'm not sure anyone could be more thrilled than my husband. "Adorable" just doesn't cut it.

Michelle said...

Mandolyn- I wasn't sure if maybe you were secretly hoping for a boy...or if you were thrilled with a little girl. I'm sure any of us IFers would be happy with a healthy baby, regardless...but I know that each of us secretly has a little twinge one way or another.

mandolyn said...

Michelle- I had a secret twinge for a girl. (I tried to pretend that I didn't for a while.) People just seem to think it's odd that my husband felt the same way. We could be grocery shopping and he'd see a little girl or a tiny dress and say, "Yeah, I might need to have a little girl someday."

He's also like it known that he'll make sure that she knows the proper technique for throwing a football. That is, if I don't get to it first. :)

Michelle said...

Cute! Mike really wanted a boy, and was disappointed for a day...especially when I bought her a cute little sweater the day we found out..and he was looking at the stuffed footballs. But, he got over it very quickly and now he wouldn't want it any other way. AND he is okay if we never have another baby....I thought he'd really want to try for a boy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your little girl!