Monday, November 13, 2006

Wednesday should be interesting.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Provided all goes well, I plan on telling my boss and co-workers that I'm expecting on Wednesday. I have a few issues with this:

1. Right now, very few people at work know. Honestly, I don't care about anyone else outside of that small circle. I also don't care if that makes me a crappy human.

2. Outside of those very few people, no one knows about pregnancy #1. It's still too hard for me to be completely "out" at work. In my department of nine people, there are two "whoops, we didn't mean to get pregnant" babies and a recent "we were actually trying not to have a baby" baby. Call me bitter.

3. My boss (the big boss, in NY) likes me well enough, but historically doesn't take pregnancy news well. There have been occasions when a friend and I have been told that we "simply can't get pregnant." I think it was a backhanded compliment, but still... Also, I plan to ask if there is any way I can work from home, which is a complete joke, but I figure it can't hurt to try. I've been brushing up on my eggshell walking skills.

4. I still want to come up with some creative way of announcing this pregnancy. Part of me wants to avoid the awkward round-everyone-up-and-blurt-it-out method because that would be, well...awkward. My normally active creative juices are in hibernation.

For now, I can really only worry about tomorrow. And when I say "worry" it's really with a capital "W." Ok, and capital "O", "R", "R", and "Y" as well. I can't help it. Most of the time I just don't feel pregnant outside of feeling a bit "pudgy" (thanks to mom for that lovely adjective), and I need validation that all is well. I'm hoping that hearing a nice strong heartbeat tomorrow will sooth me for a little while.


Heather said...

I do hope you get to hear it. I hear it is the most wonderful sound ever.

I don't have any creative ideas - sorry. Hope you come up with something

aah0424 said...

I don't have any creative ways for co-workers. I work with a bunch of engineers now, so I have totally lost all my creative industry past. My supervisor at my old job was pregnant and she told the office by taping the ultrasound photo to the monitor of the biggest busy body in the office. It took her a minute to figure out whose it was (the name was crossed out). She started running around trying to figure out whose it was and it got the whole office in a buzz. With in minutes EVERYONE in the office knew because she was running around screaming. Not too creative, but it was a huge announcement given the reaction of that lady.

I hope all goes well tomorrow!

thetowncriers said...

Is everything okay? Can you update?