Monday, August 28, 2006

Give me an "S"..."U"..."C"..."K"!

We got a call last week from Mr. Mandolyn's aunt. She and Uncle had extra tickets to an out-of-town football game that they knew we wanted to attend. We'd cheer for opposite teams, but they wanted to offer two of their season tickets for the game-- a nice gesture nonetheless. We already made plans to go with my parents, so we graciously declined. Most of Mr. Mandolyn's family went to the opposing team's school, so we thought his brother, SIL and our one and a half yr old nephew might be invited (they had expressed interest in going). Turns out they were ultimately told Uncle didn't want to invite them because he didn't want children in his area. They might be loud and rowdy and squirmy and crawl on the seats. At a football game.

This won't exactly do wonders for the already strained family relationship.

I infer three things from this unfortunate situation:

1. I feel sorry for his grown children and future grandchildren. Sounds like he'll make such a tender, warmhearted Gramps.

2. I hope that everyone around him is loud, obnoxious and under the age of four.

3. I realize that we were only invited because we don't have children. And although I'm sure it wasn't meant as such, that stings.


Sarah said...

I admit I'm sometimes not in the mood for loud kids at a restaurant, but at a football game? Come on!

mandolyn said...

Right? I also think part of the frustration is that it's family. Granted my bias is obvious, but my nephew is adorable and generally very well behaved. I was looking forward to seeing him. So now everyone is offended in their own way (mostly justified, I think).

aah0424 said...

Ouch that stings! That is as bad as not being invited places because you don't have kids.