Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hey, look. I remembered my log-in!

Wow, has it been a year? Hmm.

Funny. Provera didn't exactly prevail. Granted, Rosalie* hasn't kicked her heels up on my coffee table for months at a time, but she has popped in sporadically. Like, REAL sporadically. I've been experimenting lately to see what my body does on it's own. That was amusing. And here we are, almost exactly a year later, and there is a Provera prescription waiting for me in the pharmacy.

I wonder if I should buy a hat.

On another note, I've really got to stop having SuperIssues on my anniversary. (5 years tomorrow!)

*O-kay. Didn't realize that that little book I was reading was going to be so insanely popular. Hmm. My period is famous.

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Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!!